Lion's Den Blades

Lion's Den Blades. Handcrafted Solid Knives.

Zac Mohar

I love knives. There is something very attractive about the deadliness and simplicity of one of humanity's oldest tools. Whether it is a razor sharp edge knapped from obsidian, or a modern blade forged from the newest metal alloy, the usefulness and purpose of such tools remain virtually unchanged since our beginning. Knives are such a simple tools, yet can be so uniquely and beautifully crafted in their design as to be quite literally functional pieces of art. The possibilities are endless.  Each of my knives is completely hand-crafted, from the design and pencil drawing, all the way to the razor-sharp finished blade. I put a lot of time and love into my knives, and strive to keep a handmade uniqueness and feel that you can't find in the mass-produced factory production knives. The knives I make are made from quality steel, and will last for generations of use. I prefer a high-carbon 1095 steel, and I make my blades beefy and solid with a full tang. The tools I use in my shop are simple, with no CNC machines or water jet cutting to shape my knives. This means that each blade I make is entirely shaped by hand and slightly different from the next. No two of my knives are ever exactly the same. Many of my knives feature wild grained hardwoods, as well as colorful resin composites that I create in my shop or have custom made. And, I also create custom-fit sheaths for each of my knives that I press from kydex, and fit to each blade.


Since 2013 I have been in business making knives for sale to the public. Specifically, I have been specializing in hunting, skinning, camp knives, and everyday carry. I have also made a few chef knives for the kitchen as well. I am constantly honing my skills, creating new designs, and offering different variations of my existing designs, so keep an eye out on my social media sites to purchase my latest knives and participate in my raffles and auctions. I also accept custom orders. If you are interested in a knife that has already sold, please contact me and I can make another for you. 

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